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Thursday, May 26, 2011

how old are you really?

ok, so i was reading this random nonsense on a news site. i'm not so sure how and why its meant to work or what all it means, but in the name of random i decided to post it. according to this "test" my "body age" is 32. that's 2 years than i am.

"London - You don’t need to wait for the £400 (about R4 500) telomere test - just take our eight-point quiz to work out how well your body is ageing.
To do the calculation, start with your actual age now and add or subtract years for every “yes” answer.

If you score “younger” than your real age, that means your telomeres are in good shape for a long and healthy life.

1: Do you exercise for at least 45 minutes three or more times a week? Subtract five years.

2: Do you smoke? Add ten.

3: Do you drink four or more units of alcohol (two glasses) a day. Add seven.

4: Do you sleep for between seven and nine hours most nights? Subtract five.

5: Does your waist measure less than 91cm (male) or less than 81cm (female)? Subtract five.

6: Do you take a daily supplement of 3,000mg or more of omega 3 fish oil? Subtract five.

7: Generally speaking, are you happy? Subtract seven.

8: Do you eat fried foods more than twice a week? Add three. - Daily Mail"


Nik_TheGreek said...

Since the test is coming from you, I can't but accept its accuracy and authenticity...
I'm 23. :-D
(yeah right...)

wozzel said...

lol! thats awesome. I would also be 23 if it were not for the ten i had to add for being a smoker.

I really do need to stop. haha.

AJohnP said...

I LOVE this's the only place I can pass for 27.


ultramanrickster said...

I like this test too. It made me 9 years younger. :-)