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Tuesday, August 2, 2011



i must say thank you to all of you that sent me frantic messages enquiring about my whereabouts these last few (12) weeks, and your concerns. Of course you know im talking shit. hehe. Coz actaully none of you did. But thats ok. I pay a therapist to deal with that side of me.

In real life though, the last 12 weeks have been insane. it's been a bit cray cray. lets see. boyfriend and i break up. 2 weeks later i get held up at gun point in my flat and robbed (uurgh!) two weeks after that, i get fired.

yes. fired from my job of 4 years.

And i'm like - WTF? nou hoekom? (which means "now, why?") for non Saffas.

very mad. very busy. very tiring, BUT - i like got a job and bought a sexy new scooter and threw away the glasses, got contacts lenses and bought jeans that actually fit me for a change and dont make me look like a lesbian from the Bluff. so i was like, Life, you silly twat. you throw me lemmons? im not going to waste my time making lemonade when i can go buy some myself. instead, i will throw these lemons right back at you, bitch.


AJohnP said...

Wow. Sorry to hear that you've had such a rough time, but happy to hear that you're making the best of it!!
As for wondering where you were, I just thouht you joined the legions of others who had given up on blogging.
Next time I'll ask. :-)
Happy to see you're back.

Anonymous said...

Way to give life the finger when it dumps on you! Welcome back!

Nik_TheGreek said...

wow... Sorry to hear about this. I am sorry to say that I had no idea about your work and the robbery. I do apologising for not checking with you, even on fb...
How are you doing now?

Beertjie said...

shame man, hectic. but I'm glad you're rolling with the punches. I've also not been getting around to the blogging - pls email me your fb name so I can add you there?

Nik_TheGreek said...

Hoe is jy?
I was Spring cleaning the blogs in my blogroll when I saw yours. I simply can't remove it, even if you don't write anymore...
Have you thought of giving it another try?
How are you doing?

wozzel said...

Nik!!! What an awesome surprise.

Funny thing, I was just reading through my blog last night and saying that I need to get back to writing it again. I've been so busy with writing other stuff that this just fell by the side... it is time to get it going again... lots has changed!

:) thanks for the visit and keep an eye out, there will be posts soon!!